Wind beneath your Wings

International community constantly evolving.

We work in a large international community that is constantly evolving. It provides opportunities for you to get the wind beneath your "wings".

Of the nearly three million passengers that pass through Billund Airport annually, 95 % are international travellers. Some are on vacation, others are on a business trip or traveling with a completely different purpose. Our slogan "The World Directly" stems from the diverse global contacts that exist in the area, which Billund Airport mainly serves, namely West Denmark. These contacts are no less evident than in the approximately 60 thousand tons of cargo that passes through the airport annually.

We are in constant contact with colleagues from around the world, and we only meet many of these electronically. Therefore, we need employees with good language skills and a broad personal outlook on and understanding of the world's many cultures.

As employers, we offer secure and appropriate employment conditions and a good and safe working environment.

At Billund Airport, we place a high emphasis on employees feeling good and having access to attractive fringe benefits. That is why we offer paid breaks, a free gym and treatment clinic, an attractive employee canteen and free uniform.

If this is something that interests you, then keep an eye on the vacancies that are being advertised.


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